Pause for Prevention: UV Rays Don’t Take the Winter Off!
Wednesday January 18, 2012

Everyone remembers to put on sunscreen before hitting the beach (at least we hope you do!) but not as many people think about it before hitting the slopes. Although it may be freezing outside, sun reflecting off of the snow can be very harsh and damaging to your skin and eyes, which can cause cataracts, lesions and cancerous tumors. Not chill. So be sure to protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, goggles, and a hat or helmet before you ride. May we suggest some sunscreen from our friends at Sun Bum? And grab up a pair of Von Zipper Chakras or Electric EG2.5 goggles to protect those pretty little peepers. For more information about winter UV safety check out this article, and click on the products below to learn where to get your hands on the goods!

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